Where are the Drivers and Cameramen?



Really looking at the future one does see so much automation that one wonders will men and women be left with any jobs. As a couch potato I look at the sudden absence of cameramen while the news is being read on the BBC and CNN. These are robotic cameras moving left and right and around on the command of some distant producer or director.

What sparked my fears is the vision of driverless trucks in Rotterdam shuffling containers from one point to another. Gone! Driving jobs gone! What will my favorite actor Jason Statham do now in Transporter now?

No ticket checkers at subway station. In Dubai I rode in metro cars which were driverless. I think they have done it or are going to do it in New Delhi too. What will all these jobless people do. Will we have such a prosperous welfare state that everyone will be taken care of by the government?

We are already on the way to a cashless economy. Some banks have check and cash receiving machines. Gone are the tellers. Of course we have robots in the sky beaming signals for broadcasting and communications since decades. The transformation is so subtle. Remember the numerous bank clerks and tellers? Now an entire bank can be run by a small team of people. Would I fly in an aeroplane without a pilot? I don’t think so!

Will we really delegate our parliament to robots with the latest software? Wouldn’t that be so safe! We will be spared sexual scandals of the presidential kind. Robots are not imbued with sexual desires. Is man wrong in not allowing robots to make love to each other? Will God forgive us for taking up his job of creation?