Selfie at Delphi–Gnothi Seauton–Know Thyself! In a Try Room!

Gnothi Seauton

Know Thyself is one of the mottos at Delphi in The Temple of Apollo. Delphi is supposed to be located at the navel of the Earth.

Self realization can come at any moment. Navel watching of the Delphi kind too can be helpful but i recommend using the try room of a Mall.


My moment came in the try room or fitting room of a Mall. My wife had presented me with a cotton T-shirt for the searing days of summer when temperatures rise to 40 and above Celsius.  Unfortunately the large size was not enough to cover my extra large body.

When I took off my T to try on a larger size the three mirrors on three walls reflected my bodily reality.

I heard someone say, ‘What an ugly creature.’ Moments later I realized that those words were uttered by me involuntarily. My image of myself as Tarzan fell tinkling to the floor unable to stand the glare of the truth telling mirrors.

I go for long walks; I do yoga; I do calisthenics and I lift some weights. This exercising leads me on to believe that I have become a muscular Schwarzenegger. Alas the truth lay on the floor of the try room. I had miles to go before a large T would ever fit me. I took the XL and thanked God it was not an XXL.

A mirror can be very cruel. I think we need that jolt of truth every couple of months. Please do try out a T in a Mall Try Room. Gnothi Seauton or Know Thyself will never be more possible. If only Socrates could have visited a three mirrored try room his search for the truth might have ended pretty sooner than later