Net Protection of Another Kind

net sleepers

net protection of another kind

Saw these people sleeping under protective mosquito nets and the careenings of my mind led me to nostalgic home memories of sleeping on the roof in summers with white sheets and while pillow covers cool in the summer night. Protected by the mosquito net we watched the moon and stars deep into the night. Also reminded me of the beautiful movie concocted by that solid team of Ruth Praver Jhabwala, Ismail Merchant, James Ivory and in this case Satyajit Ray. The movie was Shakespeare Wallah. What a wonderful musical score by Satyajit Ray. Indian Raags, Western Classical music mixed in a tempo which only a resident of Shonar Bongla could conujure.

Shakespeare Wallah trailer:-

The first scene with the rickshaw is so peaceful and joyful reminiscent of the quiet life of the early years after partition. The music is a grand mix of violins and sitars, oboes and clarinets. Indian trains and Shashi Kapoor at his most handsome.

The soundtrack and the scene with Shashi Kapoor watching the mosquito netted beds hit me then like a gentle tsunami.

The movie is still as beautiful now in its black and white innocence as it was then in 1965.