We are in the Goldilocks Zone


Remember the Goldilocks story. She did not like Papa Bear’s porridge because it was too hot nor Mama Bear’s porridge because it was too cold; Baby Bear’s porridge was just the right temperature. Earth’s distance from the Sun and many other factors places us in the Baby Bear Goldilocks Zone. If we were any closer the Sun would drill holes through brick walls as in the picture above.

Ra, Surya, Helios, Utu or Sol-Day9

Day 9 of 3650–September 30



Call it Ra, call it Surya, Helios, Utu or Sol but the sun is at just the right distance for life to be sustained on Earth. A little closer and we would all dissolve into eternity. 5 billion years into the future the sun will indeed begin to expand and die. While dying it will proceed to devastate the nearest planets including earth. All life will end but you need not sweat over it as it is still 5,000,000,000 years away. Then the sun will turn into a red sun.

Day Two of 3650-September 22, 2018


Day Two of 3650-September 22, Saturday


This is typical of life. The Sun could not come out today. It is hidden behind a thick layer of black clouds and it has been raining heavily since four in the morning. The sound of incessant rain is scary. It is falling in sheets. Nature can wreak devastation anywhere if it makes up its mind to do so. Growing older I have lost the fondness for weekends! Normal days one has ATMs to visit, regular TV serials to watch and a little bit of day trading in the stock market keeps the day alive. Saturdays are dreary. I can open a bottle of rum or whisky and get uproariously drunk but the wife might raise some hell at that. There was a time one looked forward to Saturdays. Friends came over, alas now my friends have moved to different cities and different nations. I am not the kind who can make new friends.

Last evening there were beautiful clouds and a shiny moon. Todays picture or pictures will make up for the sun.

A certain hum of anxiety hovers above our(senior citizens) lives! It is the sad burden of the world one cannot help while it is being ground under rough shod boots. The crunch of gravel as villains tread around us ominously becomes louder and louder. Who can we appeal to? Only an Unknown God or our mental stability. It is like being sane in a roomful of psychotics. Only God can help. Only prayers can save us.

I look at the moon and marvel at the gravitational and orbital magic that keeps it suspended up there.

Day One of 3650


Day one of 3650


A year is a long time. So many things happen in one year. Although the year ends so fast, it leaves its scars. It is a long journey; a year. The funerals, the birthdays and the marriages one attends or diplomatically avoids, it is a journey of tightrope walking. Keeping oneself as charged as ones mobile phone is a stupendous task.

News has become all pervasive. I would love to be a Mormon without a TV but alas I’m hooked, line and sinker! I can’t avoid being affected by storms, murders, presidential buffoonery, economic collapses, share market roller coaster rides and neighbourly inquisitiveness. Travelling has become a means of escape as a retired person from the mundane. Being mindful of our surroundings and of our breath has become so chic and I am trying to adapt to it.

Today the Sun is so angry and bright and has come out with extreme purpose. It is the 21st of September and surprisingly cool in the morning. Winter is almost a month early. The temperature is already below 30 Celsius at 27, the minimum last night was 24. The maximum is going to be near 32. It is going to be the festival season in India now culminating in our Christmas which is Diwali and it is on November 7th this year. It changes every year because our religious holidays follow the lunar calendar which waxes and wanes.

Ten years of fresh sunrises is going to be a tremendous journey, let’s see!

The first Sunrise out of the next 3650


I am lucky to live in an apartment which faces East and I am able to see a beautiful sunrise everymorning. I am almost 68 years old. I expect optimistically to live for another ten years. That is 3650 days. I am sure I will try to capture the best of these 3650 sunrises and present them to you.