Jesus was Brought to India by Doubting (Saint) Thomas


Saint Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus but he was the Apostle who spread the word of Christ in India. Famous and popular church of Mount Mary is an evidence of the vigor and strength of the faith in India. These crosses, trinkets, statuettes and candles are popular souvenirs for vistors to Mumbai churches.

Mind Your Shoes!!


Mind Your Shoes!! In India devotees usually take off their shoes, considering them dirty, before entering temples. Therefore this warning outside Mount Mary Church in Mumbai. “Please do not leave your footwear at the church door.They might go missing.”

Dabbawala Statue, Mumbai


A unique service provided by thousands of lunch box deliverers which has been studied even by Harvard is commemorated here with a statue. These dabbawallas pick up lunch boxes prepared by wives or mothers and deliver them to distant corners of Mumbai never making a mistake.

Buddha Enters Our Soul in Colombo, Sri Lanka


This is the island of Serendipity, Sri Lanka. The ultimate seeker of self knowledge Buddha reins over many hearts. Buddhist monks from India sent by a repentant, guilty and forgiveness seeking conquering Emperor Ashoka spread the word of peace and the middle path. Self-flagellation and hunger is not the answer found the Buddha. The answer lies within us and can be discovered through meditation and following a path of righteousness dictated by our conscience. Chant Buddham Sharanam Gachhami and go to the the shelter that is Buddha. Learn his ways and life will no longer be so difficult.