We are in the Goldilocks Zone


Remember the Goldilocks story. She did not like Papa Bear’s porridge because it was too hot nor Mama Bear’s porridge because it was too cold; Baby Bear’s porridge was just the right temperature. Earth’s distance from the Sun and many other factors places us in the Baby Bear Goldilocks Zone. If we were any closer the Sun would drill holes through brick walls as in the picture above.

Ra, Surya, Helios, Utu or Sol-Day9

Day 9 of 3650–September 30



Call it Ra, call it Surya, Helios, Utu or Sol but the sun is at just the right distance for life to be sustained on Earth. A little closer and we would all dissolve into eternity. 5 billion years into the future the sun will indeed begin to expand and die. While dying it will proceed to devastate the nearest planets including earth. All life will end but you need not sweat over it as it is still 5,000,000,000 years away. Then the sun will turn into a red sun.

First Blush and Full Blast-Day 7


September 27, 2018. It is like waiting for a rock star to appear onstage. With the first blush fans in the shape of birds go crazy and rush hither and thither announcing the imminent arrival of the sun. Even the ugly building coming up in front of me cannot hide the full blast of the new sun. One can almost hear the opening drum roll in Also Sprach Zarathustra.

Day 6 of 3650-September 26


IMG_5188 (1),


The clouds have no intention of giving up so easily! After a bright moon night, the morning is all shades of gray. The weather bureau though says next few days are going to be bright and sunny after this fog/cloud dissipates. The fight between day and night continues on Earth as in the mind.

Day 5 of 3650-GOD’S CANVAS-September 25


God has a great canvas for painting pretty pictures. Everyone is heaving a sigh of relief with the cessation of rain after three days. We have a lake which became brim full and the dams had to be opened after a gap of ten years to let out the water. Nature’s liquid ire can be as devastating as Fire and brimstone.

Day 3 of 3650-September 23,2018


Day Three of 3650-September 23, 2018

It’s still raining. Clouds have shut out the sun. Wish we had a similar means to shut up our loquacious leaders.

Life is not so tough for people who read fiction. There is another world waiting for us always to escape to. I truly live inside books and my television set. We book readers are Walter Mittys of the world. At present the book in my hand is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Earlier it was the Woman in the Window. These are all voyeuristic books and popular because we all love to gaze into other people’s lives. They are the modern versions of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rear_Window

Right now on television I am hooked to Six Feet Under, CNN’s alleged fake news together with the web news of the LA Times, New York Times and BBC. I also watch TV5Monde trying to improve my French of which I have 3 levels from Alliance Francaise. I watch French movies with English or French subtitles hoping some french will seep into my brain.

I don’t write about our government because the few times I have, I have received threatening phone calls. Ask any journalist freedom of the press is in an abyss. This is an outcome of lackey government spokespeople like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others of my country whom I don’t have the guts to mention. This government will sink in the coming elections for precisely this high handedness in dealing with commentators and inquisitors. It does not appreciate feedback. Autocratic is my word for it. There are too many negative Yes Minister kinds thriving and abounding. The poor are unhappy claiming rising prices while the government claims inflation is at an historical low. It is very difficult to find the truth here.