Prayer for Omran and all children suffering from War repercussions!




I have been switching off the lights, closing down

The shop.

Staying aloof from the world

And this picture comes

Of Omran dug from the rubble

Of a bombed site.

Oh Lord he looks like our kids

He is so baffled

What befell him?


It is haunting me the face

And the 29 children

Killed yesterday

By a 12-14 year boy

Vengeance of those who hate.

The devils of our society

Gone mad in Syria with weapons now

Of mass destruction.


His face jumps out

Late in the night

I can’t sleep

Till this blind hatred persists

In the world. I don’t

Want to sleep. I’m asking

What can I do?

How can I help?

What should I repair?

Who should I talk to?

His face will haunt me on my deathbed

I thought I would say then ‘Oh Lord forgive me’

Now I will say, “Oh Lord forgive them

And take care of Omran.”