The Wall got your Job!

fired fireman

Once you have lost

your job

And your neighbour

comes dashing

into his driveway

With determined jocosity &

his  lunchbox and briefcase

You do think

Oh My God

I am nobody!

Thanks to the wall!

Or whatever other reason!

And Jimmy Kimmel

Puts a moustache on your face

& you

Grin and bear it!

On National Television

That is life!





The thing is we are orphans now of this world

Our parents perhaps so Royal

Left us at the doorstep of Fagin leaders!

We the people are fatherless now

Our Father who art an Idea

Born with Independence died with it.

Our Mother has been raped repeatedly

By thousands of thug stepfathers all the world over.

What mercy do we seek from carpetbaggers?

Perhaps we were loved by someone once? eh?

There is no hope in sight my friends, 

Seek asylum within, no country will grant you it, no way,

In brightest night or darkest day.

Glinton?-I presume?


The Sun comes out loud and clear and the Marina wears an abandoned look after the tourist packed Friday and Saturday weekend. Sunday is a working day here in Dubai. It is a bustling 31 degrees celsius out in the open!


All in all a beautiful day to be in Dubai with the prospect of a new long day for exploring this exciting city!