Brick by Brick, Making ends Meet

These people are thanking God for normalcy after the Covid pandemic!

All of these men have come from different states thousands of miles away just to earn a living. For a long time there will be a gratitude for regular work especially in the construction sector which is suddenly seeing a growth! These bricks are not red they have the color of gold for these men who have found work after two years.


Book Chain-4

This time I was advised to take this course on Happiness by my youngest daughter, not that I feel any paucity of it, but I agreed in my constant search for that ideal peak of sublime knowledge. This is the link if anyone is interested–A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

It was while going through the videos I learned about this book-Viktor E. Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning,”

I read the sample and the introduction and was amazed that I had never known about this book which is listed in the top hundred books of all time. I immediately sent the Kindle editions to my daughters. They were quick in their response despite their busy lives and said they had read the book ages ago. My response was “Lain, in Punjabi or What ho, in English!”

I have just received the paperback copy thanks to Amazon whom I rather vilify in other forums.

Thus starts another link in my chain link of books, thank you!