Brexit-Blues-Went Off the Rails


I can see people regretting having voted for exit. On the BBC I actually saw and heard someone ask for another referendum.

I think a referendum for Brexit should have required a minimum voting of 80% for a consensus. 80% of the let us just assume 45 million who voted. That requires a nay or yeah vote count of at least 36 million people. This referendum fell far shot off the consensus mark. It was like the uninformed carried the day.  Now a fraction or faction has taken a big decision without having the entire population behind it.

When Indians Die it is So Boring

When Indians die it is so boring

It is 7 am in India. Twenty four hours have passed since Indian television started showing videos of devastation in Uttarakhand. At least a hundred people have died in the floods, the collapsing houses and stranded traffic jams.

There is no mention of it on the BBC ( I checked again they are mentioning it now on the website) or CNN(Still no mention of it on CNN one hour later). The protests in Brazil; US talks with the Taliban; the G8 meeting in Ireland; Hong Kong switching of its lights after 11 pm; the NRA T-shirt debate; boy missing in Mexico and Snowden. It goes on and on. There is no mention of the human toll in what is just the beginning of the monsoons in India.

India is a forgotten state. It is ignored because it has always people dying. Indian lives have no value for the rest of the world.

It is truly amazing. Is there not one Indian keeping an eye on the events in India in these news organizations. Thousands of pilgrims are stuck near the temple of Kedarnath. This is not worth reporting? If this is not navel watching television, what is?