Tent House

Affordable Housing is a promise of the new Modi government in India. Skeptical citizens have defiantly voted a common man’s party (AAP) to govern the capital of India, which is Delhi. Cynical citizens have turned their allegiance quickly not having seen the fulfillment of any campaign promises including the reduction of prices. People are not very impressed by Prime Minister Modi’s encounters of an another kind with President Obama who was the chief guest at this year’s Republic Day celebrations.
In the meantime some citizens live in make shift tents while new cars and mobile phones burgeon all over the country. Ironically as in this picture there are new parking spaces for cars but not enough roofs for poor citizens. Also you can see the office of a big Housing company in the distance; but these high priced apartments are a distant dream for the common man in India. Perhaps one reason is that there are too many citizens in the first place.

Green School Bus

It is great to see children happy with the minimum that they have. Here I snapped children feeling good going to school in their richshaw school bus. The queue of expensive cars around these children are dropping students to one of the rich and exclusive schools of Gurgaon, Haryana, India.IMG-20140827-02619

Canadian Experience– A New Diet


Canadian Experience

This is a quaint Catch 22 kind of thing you encounter when you immigrate to Canada. You want a job? Leave your resume at various stores and offices. You will be treated with courtesy. No one is going to laugh at you for entering the august portals of a big organization and asking for a job. Someone will smile and take your resume. The crunch comes where you are supposed to give your Canadian Experience.

‘Do you have any Canadian Experience?’

I smile, ‘I just landed here a week back.’

A reciprocal smile, ‘Ok no problem, get some Canadian Experience and then call us.’

This is sort of a ragging; an initiation to a new society. You are not going to get a soft job. Soon you will be painting lamp-posts, delivering newspapers, hanging mailers on door-knobs (remember only on door-knobs or you will be fired-correction I remember now only in mailboxes and not door knobs–I was fired.)  If you have a valid license and a car then you are a lucky one. You can deliver flowers, packets and even heavy movie reels to cinema halls as I did. Three months later you would have acquired a slight roll to your R’s and yes Canadian Experience. I delivered packets in a car all over the vast Greater Toronto Area. I tell you the front seat was loaded with Junk Food. Chips, doughnuts, cokes and cookies. I lost weight.

I got lost so much. I parked in odd places to look up maps. I had a tough time handling the walkie-talkie and the ‘ten-fours’ and ‘Roger’ that I forgot to eat. I lost ten pounds in three months. That’s how I know you can lose weight with junk food.