Is Your quiet Child a Killer?


School shootings–The culprits are people who think death is just an act as if in a play or a movie. They imagine the kids will just get up and walk after being shot. Kids need to be told the loss and finality of death!-


Parents need to own up to their responsibility. Don’t be so busy in yo ur life that you don’t even know your child is a potential killer!

It is so stupid for a parent not being able to come into a teenager’s room without knocking or without guilt! These guys are planning mayhem because you left them alone too long. Be involved with their activities. It is not so difficult. Don’t waive your responsibilities and pretend you are too busy to do any thing about it.

Children need to be shown all the angles of dying! Show them the emptiness and hurt that comes from death and injuries. Make life real not a fantasy.






 Ruth in Amy Tan’s book The Bonesetter’s Daughter sort of sums up our human state right now. All of us perhaps feel this way—

‘Sometimes I feel like I’m a pair of eyes and ears, and I’m just trying to stay safe and make sense of what’s happening. I know what to avoid, what to worry about. I’m like those kids who live with gunfire going off around them. I don’t want pain. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to see other people around me die. But I don’t have anything left inside me to figure out where I fit in or what I want. If I want anything, it’s to know what’s possible to want.’