Scooters for Hire in Goa



There are so many beautiful places to see in Goa that a vehicle of your own becomes necessary. Taxis are expensive and buses are few and far between. The ideal way to travel is on hired scooters. For  five dollars you can hire a scooter for 24 hours. That is the reason you see people zipping past you especially on weekends on scooters. Walking is a hazardous v enture because there are no earmarked footpaths and cars , buses and scooters just brush past you at full speed.

Helmets are unheard of. In my hometown of Chandigarh that invites an instant challaan (ticket) for traffic rules violation. I did not see a single person wearing a helmet.


Martin’s Corner–Goa


If you are in goa right now go to Martin’s Corner for dinner. They have a live band and the ambience is so lively. It gets livelier as the night progresses. You are bound to see a celebrity or two but people pretend to not have seen them. That is why everyone loves Goa. The people are discrete and mind their own business.

Chapels and Churches of Goa


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The Catholic Church is still strong in Goa. Churches and tiny chapels are visible on every corner of North and South Goa. Crosses too are present at various places in villages and towns. An Indian touch is given to faith by the marigold garlands which are strung around the crosses. In Panaji we even saw burning of incense and a fire very like the yagya fire of Hinduism.

Prayer in Panaji
Prayer in Panaji

The Portuguese brought the Christian faith to Goa where they ruled for many centuries after Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India.

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Nicholas our tour guide and taxi operator had this statuette of Jesus on the dashboard of his new Ertiga. We had a very comfortable journey thanks to him.