तनहा चिंगारी
इक सबर नहीं रहता
क्यूँ इन दिनों?
इक लौ सी पिघलती है
सीने मैं
कुछ भी ठीक नहीं लगता
इस दुनिया में
इक आग की तनहा चिंगारी
क्या फूँक सकती है
यह पत्थरों की दुनिया?
I don’t have the patience 
Why these days?
The sky melts like a flame
In my chest
nothing seems right
In this world
A single spark of fire
Can it singe away
This stone hearted world?

Mad Dogs & Englishmen ; Bully Sun Ready to Pounce


With the clouds having vanished the Sun has become a despot. It has turned up the heat and waits to pounce upon unwary travelers. In this weather wear a hat and carry a bottle of water. Avoid the mid-day Sun unless you are a mad dog or an Englishman.

“Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun,
The Japanese don´t care to, the Chinese wouldn´t dare to,
Hindus and Argentines sleep firmly from twelve to one”

“In tropical climes there are certain times of day
When all the citizens retire to tear their clothes off and perspire.
It’s one of the rules that the greatest fools obey,
Because the sun is much too sultry
And one must avoid its ultry-violet ray.”–Noel Coward