The Net Commandments

new commandments

Ok so now

It is time to climb the mountain

and waste away

Japanese style in a culvert,

A cave or a corner.

When now the weight of all

sins falls heavily like

A ton of bricks

Through a rat-chewed Net of frail and aged threads!


Ok so now

nobody is listening

or even within earshot

The rats have taken over the world

It is as they have already said

No country for old men.

Well really thumb lick through the pages of history

The rats have always ruled

And dogs lived their

Foretold life.


It is strange

They shout spacewards

Is there anybody out there?

While people squirm and starve and shrivel

Under all that spoken drivel!


Today if Moses

Climbed up the mountain

He would find a tablet perhaps in a neat box

And perhaps maybe certainly Really

With Netflix and Apple TV!!

The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas

Jesus Christ Crucifix
Jesus Christ Crucifix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Man cannot survive in this world without faith in some Messiah. There have been God sent great teachers like Moses, Jesus ChristGautama Buddha and Guru Nanak. These messengers of God have given guidance to ordinary human beings. One of the greatest messiahs has been Jesus Christ.

The Robe is a book set in the period of Jesus Christ’s life when he is about to be arrested by Roman soldiers. Marcellus is a Roman Tribune who encounters Jesus while near Jerusalem. His life changes into the sphere of the mystical soon after; he wanders through Galilee, Greece and Italy seeking for belief in the miracle of Jesus’ life.

It is a beautiful and gentle story told with wisdom. It is a book that should be read by all Christians (and non-Christians) who have had the foundations of their faith shaken by modern life.

The book is written by Lloyd C. Douglas. He was a pastor in the Lutheran Church. He was very popular as a writer in the 20th Century. Lloyd C. Douglas was a prolific writer with four of his books being made into movies. He died in 1951 leaving a rich literary legacy for his readers all over the world.