Dabbawala Statue, Mumbai


A unique service provided by thousands of lunch box deliverers which has been studied even by Harvard is commemorated here with a statue. These dabbawallas pick up lunch boxes prepared by wives or mothers and deliver them to distant corners of Mumbai never making a mistake.

Most expensive home not owned by a Head of State-





Ambani’s Antilia

A new Landmark in Mumbai now is the Mukesh Ambani house which is 27 storeys high.




Video Pirates Movie Script-Shoutout!

IMG-20150925-00608 (1)

Hi Guys,

Just to tell you. I have published another eBook — ‘Video Pirates Movie.’ It is available on Amazon. It is about two ageing Bollywood actors in Mumbai who make a movie and face stiff competition from video pirates selling unofficial DVDs of their movie.

They find a unique solution for their problem.

This is my second eBook.

The first being ‘Maree and the Prince.’

Both are available on Kindle and Amazon.