Saturday Bonus Shot


Shot from the new triple level parking lot. Parking is a big problem in Shimla and you can be towed away if you park in an unauthorized corner. Of course there are no signs to tell you which corner is authorized and which not. You have to be a driving genius to park in this tight new parking and getting out qualifies you for Le Mans.

Tent House

Affordable Housing is a promise of the new Modi government in India. Skeptical citizens have defiantly voted a common man’s party (AAP) to govern the capital of India, which is Delhi. Cynical citizens have turned their allegiance quickly not having seen the fulfillment of any campaign promises including the reduction of prices. People are not very impressed by Prime Minister Modi’s encounters of an another kind with President Obama who was the chief guest at this year’s Republic Day celebrations.
In the meantime some citizens live in make shift tents while new cars and mobile phones burgeon all over the country. Ironically as in this picture there are new parking spaces for cars but not enough roofs for poor citizens. Also you can see the office of a big Housing company in the distance; but these high priced apartments are a distant dream for the common man in India. Perhaps one reason is that there are too many citizens in the first place.