A Holy Dip at Sacred Golden Temple



A Sikh devotee seeks blessings by taking a holy dip in the pond that surrounds the Golden Temple. The Golden Temple is in the prosperous city of Amritsar in the Punjab. The Sacred Book Guru Granth Sahib is kept inside the temple. The book is a  compendium of wise sayings of the Gurus and other religious poets of India. The holy book shows the path towards an honest and fruitful life.

The book is considered a living person and given this status by law.


Devotees come from all over the world to pray here. They donate generously to the Temple and the latest technology is being used in the upkeep of the holy place. A common meal inside the temple is a big feature of the Sikh religion. Rich and poor and people from all castes and creeds assemble in the huge halls of the temple to have a communion meal. It is estimated that a 100,000 people eat free meals every day  in the dining halls which are open for twenty-four hours throughout the year.


People listen to the prayer songs of Guru Bani seated on the marble floors all around the temple.



Everyone is required to keep their heads covered within the precincts of Golden Temple.