Monsoon Spotting -2 Morning After


Still entangled the morning after the big Pre-monsoon shower. Temperatures are down from 38 Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius. Opposites seem to be attracting each other here. Sun and cloud might be falling in love here.

GDP and the Monsoon Poets

hills 3I loved this quote in an article on calculating the GDP of a nation. It is from Robert Kennedy. I am taking the quote from the Economist of 30th April to 6th May–‘In a famous speech in March 1968, Robert Kennedy took aim at what he saw as idolatrous respect for GDP, which measures advertising and jails but does not capture “the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages.”

As a poet I had a heavy outpouring of words at the sight of the first monsoon clouds. I wrote numerous words welcoming these harbingers of rain. Alas, the rain did not come, the clouds disappeared.

Seeing my own elation I think Monsoons and Poetry surely should be included in future GDP calculations in India. As for the strength of our marriages we see it constantly and daily in the evening Hindi soap operas.

Monsoon Spotting -1


IMG-20160507-02197 Morning arrives with a cover of patient, pregnant clouds watching through my window. They await my acceptance of their arrival.

They know I have been waiting like a father in the corridors of a maternity ward. A baby is about to be born. This year’s Messiah the New Monsoon will save the Earth.


The Hills are Alive after the Rains

hills washed by rains on way to army flats from IT side

hills again


hills 3


Enchanting Shivalik hills after storm clouds from the Arabian Sea washed the air clean enabling them to be seen from a distance in far off Chandigarh.

Writers’ Tan


Word Game

Why do we write?   I think it is a curious love for words which starts writers on this endless journey. When I was younger I had a great ability in remembering spellings. It is gone now. Thanks to spell checking software. I think that love for words launches most writers on to this addiction of pen and paper or rather keyboards in the modern era.

There are so many words pouring out all around us. It reminds me of the song, ‘have you ever seen the rain?’ What can one do with this deluge of words skimming past our vision, unappreciated, unseen on laptop, tablet and computer screens?

I have a hundred writing projects started and all are stalled at various stages of word count. They are unexploded mines inside my laptop; poems, short stories, future novels, movie scripts and articles for my blog. When things really become bogged down I throw up my hands and grab a book to read.

The simplicity and ease with which Amy Tan writes her novels stuns me into silent submission. Oh Lord if I could only write like this about my cousins, brothers, aunts, parents, grandmothers, dentists, neighbors I would be a millionaire.

The Joy Luck Club and The Bonesetter’s Daughter are my favorites. Reading these books is like running the defragmenter of your software. It straightens out the empty spaces, the puddles, the bumps, aligns the reds, greens and yellows till your brain is again a fresh dew tipped green lawn of creativity.

Try it, it will work.