Scooters for Hire in Goa



There are so many beautiful places to see in Goa that a vehicle of your own becomes necessary. Taxis are expensive and buses are few and far between. The ideal way to travel is on hired scooters. For  five dollars you can hire a scooter for 24 hours. That is the reason you see people zipping past you especially on weekends on scooters. Walking is a hazardous v enture because there are no earmarked footpaths and cars , buses and scooters just brush past you at full speed.

Helmets are unheard of. In my hometown of Chandigarh that invites an instant challaan (ticket) for traffic rules violation. I did not see a single person wearing a helmet.


Goa Here We Come

Fenny, beer, beaches, fish and partying

The great madness to travel has fallen upon us too. We will leave a comfortable life and subject ourselves to pushing and shoving; hurrying and scurrying on trains, planes, buses, taxis and eventually on scooters. We ladies and gentlemen are going to Goa. The land of cashew- fenny, beer, beaches, fish and all night partying.