Tractor Trolley ride to a Picnic


Camaraderie and Bonhomie as young members of a village go to a picnic on the Shimla road. Most probably they are going to Pinjore Gardens a heritage site of terraced gardens well maintained and centuries old. People love to picnic on the immaculate green lawns under tall trees.

Sex in a Shop Window


It is heartening to know that my blog responds positively to the search term, “Sex intercourse amazon jangle (sic)”.) I imagine the poor chap staring at my photo of a gift shop in Shimla. He or she would be confronted by a Buddha giving his blessings for reaching this page. This is the way of the Wise and Enlightened One.


Saturday Bonus Shot


Shot from the new triple level parking lot. Parking is a big problem in Shimla and you can be towed away if you park in an unauthorized corner. Of course there are no signs to tell you which corner is authorized and which not. You have to be a driving genius to park in this tight new parking and getting out qualifies you for Le Mans.