Prayer for Omran and all children suffering from War repercussions!




I have been switching off the lights, closing down

The shop.

Staying aloof from the world

And this picture comes

Of Omran dug from the rubble

Of a bombed site.

Oh Lord he looks like our kids

He is so baffled

What befell him?


It is haunting me the face

And the 29 children

Killed yesterday

By a 12-14 year boy

Vengeance of those who hate.

The devils of our society

Gone mad in Syria with weapons now

Of mass destruction.


His face jumps out

Late in the night

I can’t sleep

Till this blind hatred persists

In the world. I don’t

Want to sleep. I’m asking

What can I do?

How can I help?

What should I repair?

Who should I talk to?

His face will haunt me on my deathbed

I thought I would say then ‘Oh Lord forgive me’

Now I will say, “Oh Lord forgive them

And take care of Omran.”

London beheading

English: Photograph of a cleaver. Deutsch: Fot...
English: Photograph of a cleaver. Deutsch: Fotografie eines Hackbeils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are the victims of our times. We are target practice for the miracle of information technology. Unconsciously we fill up our mental suitcase with bias and hate instead of love. This unnecessary stuff has packed our brain till it is bursting at the seams. Most of us are able to carry on with our lives though burdened with these anxiety causing bits of information but some lash out like the meat cleaver wielding Londoner.

Once religion was the answer but now it is the reason for world disarray. Our mental suitcase bursts forth in anger and greed at the baggage check in of daily life. It is time to de-clutter and regain our innocence. It is time to travel light. It is time to dance like a butterfly instead of stinging like a bee.