Shooting Beauties

Love Shooting these Clouds. They are my fashion parade models! What a display.

The monsoons in India are life givers but also deadly in their unrelenting showering of millions of tons of water picked up from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. It is a wild party for three months. A rave party which leads to life but also death and destruction. I cannot but admire the changing kaleidoscope of the skies with these passing beauties full of water like Dairy cows waiting to be milked. Nature is supreme. Nature will take over if we are not careful, example Chernobyl, humans cannot enter where nature has begun to grow forests and animals are roaming leisurely through this abandoned disaster zone. Let us nurture mother earth, please!

Fort Aguada-Goa


It has a storing tank for 2, 376,000 gallons of fresh water garnered from a natural spring. This tank replenished the water supplies of Portugues ships arriving in the Arabian Sea. The Fort was also a refuge from marauding Dutch and Maratha armies. Fort Aguada (Water) also has a four storey lighthouse which was a reference point for ships sailing in these waters.

Water Seeker



Walk just ten kilometers out of your city in India and you are met with underdeveloped villages and shanty towns. Water, houses and toilets are in extreme paucity.

People in Chandigarh are lucky for the water supply is reasonably efficient but not for the slum dwellers who are provided with one tap or two for a thousand residents. Water is supplied for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.

Some enterprising youngsters fill up their empty plastic jerry cans loaded on to a flatbed rickshaw from friendly and Good Samaritan residents of big houses in the neighbourhood.

Manoj with his team-mate in the water project.

I met them a few days later and they wanted their names to be included under the Photograph. So I am updating here. The senior boy is Manoj Masih (Masih, I’m sure means Messiah) and the young teammate is Golu (Golu means Rotund, which he is not now any longer) but his real name is Vishal. They asked me to write down the website address where the photo was published. They will contact someone with a smartphone or a laptop, maybe an internet cafe and have a good laugh over their photos.

Sugar Cane Jalopy

sugar cane jalopy

This basic engine mounted on a cycle cart is very versatile. It runs on diesel.It is used for turning generator alternators and tube well ground water extraction. The engine is manufactured by indigenous factories in the Punjab, especially Jullundur and Ludhiana. The price is right and maintenance is simple. If the machine is attached to a flatboard on wheels it turns into a roofless vehicle which is known as a Gadda Car.

Here it is used for extracting sugar cane juice and selling to eager customers at gathering points like cinema halls and office complexes. It is a very soothing drink in the summer months. Lime juice and ice is added to the green sweet juice.

When the day is done the sugar cane juice seller connects it to the wheels of his cart with a belt and away he heads home in his self made jalopy.