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Cloud Atlas—A Book Review
I think I am not made out for long novels like Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I begin to think of the futility of it all as I did in ‘A Hundred Years of Solitude.’
I suppose I should stick to crime novels of the Agatha Christie kind. Getting too old for these tongue twisting novels.
Of course I loved the first six stories but then the pidgin English of Zachry exhausted me. I just could not pick up the glass again. It was ‘enough no more it is not so sweet as before.’
I loved Timothy Cavendish. I loved Robert Frobisher. I loved Zachry and the Prescient Meronym.
The magician in David Mitchell; the Merlin of literature just sort of monopolized the conversation. It was like a brilliant school play that would not end.
I think if I get younger, I will read it again.

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  2. Just finished reading ‘one hundred years of solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and I feel like a pair of stone washed jeans after encountering all those Aurelianos, Buendias, Fernandos et al. The author presumes too much in supposing that someone would be interested in the nonsense prosperity of one family in some remote country. In the end I just skipped through the final pages. He is good at describing things but really it is just like the Golden potty of Fernanda or whoever. I was finally sick of the overdose of Ursula and Amaranta and my head was spinning. The book should have finished at about page 200. The rest is pure drivel. It was more like one hundred years of solitary confinement inside one book.


    1. Hahaha! My aunt gave me this book and said she cried, it was so good. I read about 40 pages and had an experience more similar to yours. I really cannot understand the love people have for this book, so I’m going to chalk it up me not “getting the point”.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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