Banana Leaves as Plates


In most of southern India banana leaves are available abundantly. They are used as plates for traditional South Indian Food. It is believed that when hot food is placed on these banana leaves the heat generates beneficial aroma to rise from the natural plates.

People prefer these to china because they doubt the cleanliness of western style plates.

It does take time in learning to eat with the fingers and direct from the banana leaf.

Well Behaved Boy Enjoying Taaza Thindi Dosa


While elders were queuing up for a taste of the miraculous south Indian dishes at Taaza Thindi in Bangalore, this young man oblivious of the drooling world surrounding him, found a seat to polish off his dosa (potato mash inside rice flour wrap with coconut chutney) in peace. A dosa is best eaten with the hands; it is rather tough with knife and fork.

Taaza Thindi is a restaurant in Bangalore to rave about with very reasonable prices. People queue up on weekends and even week days to get at the dosas, vadas and idlis.